The Blame Game

Whenever anything goes wrong, I blame Donald Trump. Sometimes I’m serious, because he is, I’m sorry to say, a real threat to this country. But sometimes it’s just a game that I play with my husband. Blaming Donald Trump for stupid, everyday nuisances helps to relieve some of the stress that I’m feeling over his impending presidency. (I’m not the only one to have come up with this idea, btw. I mentioned it to a coworker, and she said that she and her husband had decided to blame Trump for everything, too.)

The kids have taken note of our anti-Trump comments, and sometimes they join in the game. Marshall is proficient at it, actually, and has offered such gems as . . .

“It was Donald Trump who was sleeping on the mermaid blanket!” (and not one of the cats)

“Donald Trump ate all the Goldfish!”

“He also pooped in the toilet and didn’t flush!”

Call me juvenile and mean-spirited if you like, but that last one just sort of fits. Donald Trump seems to me like the kind of guy who wouldn’t flush, but who would lie about it and say, “The media have incorrectly reported that I didn’t flush. So inaccurate and unfair! I always flush, and my flushes are the best!”

And all of that makes me giggle. I need as many giggles as I can get these days. So thanks, Marshall, for playing this game with us. You have a wonderful sense of humor!

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  1. Donald Trump says:

    Nobody has more respect for poop than I do.

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