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  • I printed my latest work project so that I can give it a final check before sending it to Typesetting. It wasn’t quite done, but the finished parts were in good shape. Considering all the time off I’ve taken lately, it’s a miracle that the issue was even ready to print. I’m giving myself a big pat on the back.
  • I’m still thinking about Monday, when I took the day off to help my mother-in-law, who had driven her car off my driveway and into a tree. I went to the hospital with her to make sure she was OK (which she was, thank goodness). She’s mentally shaken, but physically fine, and probably raring to get behind the wheel again so she can pick up the milk and bacalhau that she wasn’t able to get on Monday. The jury is still out on whether the car or the driver was at fault. I hope for her sake that it was the car. But if it wasn’t, then this accident probably means she’s reached the age at which it’s no longer safe for her to drive. Because she had come over to my house to give me my birthday present early, I’m feeling really bummed about the whole thing.
  • I voted in the Democratic primary. I don’t always, but I felt I ought to this time around. Mostly I voted for the status quo, though not entirely (my apologies to the incumbent mayor). In particular, I wanted Sheldon Whitehouse to be on the ballot in November. He’s Rhode Island’s senator, but I think it’s in every American’s best interest for him to keep his Senate seat.
  • My hubby says he found out that mangoes are related to poison ivy and that they can cause reactions in people who are sensitive to poison ivy. I don’t find the relationship hard to believe (I’m pretty sure that both raspberries and apples are related to roses), but I refuse to now be afraid of mangoes.
  • I ate an orange. Oranges are probably not related to either roses or poison ivy.
  • And now it is time for the kids to start getting ready for bed. I will go hide in my bedroom and hope that my husband takes care of things.
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  1. sprite says:

    I’m sorry about your MIL and hope it was indeed her car at fault.

    Congrats on your senator’s victory in the primary. I see a lot of Gun Sense-endorsed candidates won, which is encouraging.

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