I Will Survive

Thoughts from this morning:

  • The election turned out almost exactly as I thought it would. We won the majority in the House, and we elected a diverse crew of new people to office in many places. But it was not quite the Blue Wave we had wished for. We lost ground in the Senate, and the outcome of some races makes us weep for the state of our country. All things considered, though, we did well. The Republicans have been playing a harder, meaner, slyer game than the Democrats have over the years, leaving us at a big disadvantage. But it’s a long game, and we are better positioned to win it now than we had been. Watching how Donald Trump behaved afterward, it’s obvious that he’s rattled. That’s a victory right there.
  • I’ve had the song “I Will Survive” stuck in my head for days. Ordinarily that would be driving me crazy. I like the sentiment, though, so it hasn’t been getting on my nerves too badly.
  • Later today I will finally meet Marshall’s teacher. I’ve developed a dislike for her from our e-mail communications. I sincerely hope that this face-to-face meeting will dispel the negativity. I need to believe that my son is in good hands at school, because he’s at an educational crossroads. He doesn’t like school, and he’s at risk of falling behind, but he’s smart enough to do well if he can just be made to care more. So he needs a strong, steady push this year, and we can’t do that alone.
  • I know a lot about falling behind. I’ve fallen behind in just about everything except work lately. So today I remind myself to take better care of myself and my family. There isn’t enough time for everything, but there is enough time for what we need. It’s just a matter of using the time better. I can do that.
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  1. sprite says:

    Sending hugs for you and good thoughts for meeting with Marshall’s teacher. I hope she’s better in person than in email.

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