Motivation and Hope

There was a lot of bad news last year, and it was hard to take. But at some point the bad news actually started to feel strangely motivational. It was just so awful and so constant that it made me want to do so much better in my personal life, to counterbalance the global shitstorm in which we’re living.

The thing is, I want to fix the world, but I can’t. I can’t depose Donald Trump, or even take his Twitter away. I cannot cure our broken healthcare system. I cannot solve the problem of climate change. I cannot prevent war or end famine, or even convince TV producers that entertainment doesn’t have to be gritty, gory, and tragic in order to be good.

But I might be able to clean up my house and make it extra cozy and comfortable. I might be able to rid myself of clutter that I don’t need and emotional baggage that I don’t want. I might be able to improve my diet, exercise more, and feel better. I might be able to help others with their goals. I might be able to finish my novel, which is about climate change but also about hope. I am motivated to try, and I am hopeful.

May everyone start the new year with feelings of motivation and hope.

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