Grateful for Pencils With Erasers

For the last few months, I’ve been clipping crosswords out of The New York Times but not solving them. I now have a large folder full of unsolved puzzles. So, because this has been bugging me, I decided to solve today’s puzzle rather than put it aside for later.

My brain had gotten rusty, and it protested the sudden demand for intelligent thought. But I persisted, and it finally cooperated. My favorite answer/clue combinations were a 6-letter word for “Museum installations” and a 3-letter word for “Labrador greeting” (answers in the comments section, to avoid spoilers). I am relieved that I can still solve the Saturday puzzle, but also grateful that my pencil had an eraser on it.

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  1. chick says:

    The 6-letter word for “Museum installations” was ALARMS, and the 3-letter word for “Labrador greeting” was ARF.

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