This Friday Afternoon

I’m trying to relax and do a good job (ha-ha) of taking the day off, but I keep getting distracted by random thoughts. Here are some of them.

  • If Trump supporters will finally admit that he’s a lying bastard who has done more harm than good to our country, I’ll admit that I dislike him so much that I criticize him reflexively and occasionally out of proportion.
  • I signed both of the kids up for fencing lessons starting in late February and put them on the wait list for guitar lessons (Marshall) and piano lessons (Livia). Lessons are always inconvenient and expensive, but I love them. I want the kids to have these kinds of opportunities. (Regarding the piano lessons, I know that most people would be like, “Hey, you play piano. Teach the kids yourself!” Problem is, I have little patience, and being both the teacher who preaches practice and the parent who enforces it is probably beyond my capabilities. However, the kids are on a wait list, which isn’t the same as actually being signed up. If nothing comes of it, I’ll consider trying to teach piano to both of them myself.)
  • I started a new poetry collection last night. If anything, it’s even more challenging than the last. Poetry, you are not making this easy for me!
  • I also started a nonfiction book about The Hobbit, and so far it’s good. How strange that I’m on a nonfiction binge!
  • I haven’t been neglecting fiction, though. I’ve just been watching it on Netflix in the form of The Magicians, a TV show based on Lev Grossman’s novel of the same name, which I reviewed recently. Aside from the graphic, bloody scenes which I wish I could erase from my memory, it’s a good show and possibly better than the book (note: I have not read the sequels, so I cannot judge them). SPOILER: people and animals are killed in horrific fashion in this show. If you watch it, expect a lot of gore. For me, the animal deaths were harder to take. If you see a bunny or a cat, fast-forward and spare yourself scenes that you won’t want to remember.
  • I did some blog cleanup today. I went through my drafts folder, deleted some of the posts, posted a few others. In this regard, the day has definitely not been a waste.
  • I also spent some time playing the piano. I’m not happy with my progress. I want to play new pieces, but not at the expense of the ones that I still haven’t quite learned. I need to think about what my goals are.
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