Dark Thoughts

  • On dark days, I think that humankind has done so much damage to this planet that we’re all going to die. On darker days, I think maybe that’s for the best.
  • I haven’t really processed the latest mass shootings, or any of the previous ones, particularly not Sandy Hook. I’m sad and angry, but only on the surface. I can’t think too deeply about it. If I did, if I really let myself feel, I’d never be able to let my children or my husband leave the house.
  • Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, is dead today from an apparent suicide. Hardly anyone on social media seems to buy the suicide story. Epstein’s death not only happened while he was in custody, but it’s also convenient for a lot of powerful, wealthy men whom he might have implicated in his crimes. People do not agree on who’s to blame, though. Trump supporters claim Epstein was murdered by Bill and/or Hillary Clinton, while everyone else suspects it was Trump and/or AG Barr. It’s sad that Epstein’s victims won’t get to see him brought to justice but, in a way, what’s sadder is that though Americans can’t agree on which of our politicians most likely did it, we all believe that our country has become so corrupt that our politicians could and would commit murder.
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