Continuing the Catalog: Part 2

Asiatic Dayflower

This plant grows in my backyard. I love its blue color, but the flowers always look a little odd to me, like sad little faces that don’t have chins.

Growing up, I thought goldenrod was just goldenrod. Now I know there are many kinds. Silver-rod, sometimes called “white goldenrod,” is one of them. Goldenrods belong to the aster family. In this picture, the silver-rod is growing near its cousin, blue asters.
Yellow Woodsorrel

Yellow woodsorrel is an old friend. It grew in my parents’ yard when I was a child. I remember chewing on the leaves occasionally, just to see if they really tasted lemony, as they are said to do. I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like, only that I was a little disappointed by the flavor.
Sweet Everlasting (or one of its cousins)

I first found this interesting flower a few years ago. It was growing alongside a path, as was the one in this picture (moss and lichens in the background). Sweet everlasting is another member of the aster family. Asters really are the thing this time of year.
Sweet everlasting has since started growing in my yard. Here is a picture of it after it has started to go to seed (hostas and house in the background).

Silly violet, this is not your time of year!
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  1. sprite says:

    The Asiatic Dayflower looks like a screaming mouse.

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