Day 8: Lockdown

I learned late last night that Connecticut’s governor has ordered all non-essential businesses to shut down as of Monday night at 8:00 p.m. The article in which I read this also mentioned that the most recent CT resident to die from coronavirus lived in the town where my company is based, a place that I visited just a few weeks ago. In my head, I imagine her living just down the street from the office, maybe in one of those little houses that I sometimes park in front of, and it’s both sad and scary. Given the timeline of the disease, it’s possible the virus was circulating in town at the time I was there. But it’s not, I suppose, that much more scary than knowing that the disease has been circulating in my own area.

The lack of testing is such a major problem still. It leaves us with too many unknowns. Unknowns foster panic. We’d all be in a better state and state of mind if the federal government and CDC hadn’t botched the testing situation so badly in the early going.

To those people saying that this is not a time to lay blame, you’re wrong! The administration’s incompetence needs to be addressed. They have botched nearly every aspect of the crisis so far, which suggests that they will continue to screw it up, and the cost will be in lives. They should all be removed and replaced with people who can actually do the job. It astounds me every single day that Donald Trump is still president. He should have been removed months, even years, ago because he is so clearly, so frighteningly, and so heartbreakingly unfit for the position.

Anyway, now that CT, as well as NY and CA, have shut down, it won’t be long before MA, RI, and other major urban/suburban areas follow suit. That means I might have to do my job without any shipping, resupply, or the usual office support. From my end, it’s all doable. Inconvenient and a little lonelier than usual, but doable. What I do not know is how the other departments will manage. I also feel bad for any of my coworkers who cannot work at home, because I do not know what this shutdown will mean for them.

Things are tough for so many workers right now. Doctors, nurses, and others are working in dangerous situations. Many people cannot work at all. It’s terrible. I can’t do much to help, but I will do whatever I can in my own small way. I’ll support my coworkers in any way I can. I’ll support the businesses that I can. But mostly I’m just going to stay home, because that is the one sure thing that I can do to help.

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