Day 29: Foodful

  • As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I miss fresh fruit. Today I opened a can of peaches, hoping it would satisfy my craving. Livia refused to eat any (“Gross!”), but I thought the peaches were pretty good. Anyway, better canned than nothing. I put the leftovers in the fridge. If they’re still there in the morning, I will throw them into my oatmeal. Or, if feeling adventurous, I might try making a single-serving microwave crisp. Apparently such things can be done, and there’s only one way to find out.
  • I also found a can of tart cherries (score!). I left it on the counter next to a recipe, and when I returned downstairs, there was cherry cobbler cooling on the stove. Absolute magic! Livia didn’t turn her nose up at that.
  • Not only did my husband make the cobbler, but he also made pepperoni pizza for dinner. He has cooked for us every day, and I am so very grateful (and full). He’s the best!
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  1. chick says:

    I tried making microwave peach crisp. It was OK, but dry and not very crisp. As a way to quickly heat up a small amount of cold peaches and make it seem more breakfasty or desserty, sure. But, if you want a good crisp, use the oven.

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