Day 131: Mommy Limits

Being at home all the time (ALL THE TIME!) with the same three people is not an ideal way to live. Today I started to erupt. I mean, hey, I’ve done well for five months, but I’ve reached my breaking point. I’m in a very bad mood, because things are not going the way I think they should go. Not anywhere, not in any way. The local school system is not proceeding according to my plan, and BJ’s canceled my order, and health insurance is eating us alive, and fascism, and it’s so effing hot outside!

What finally threw me over the edge was just a small thing. The girl wanted to know why I was going to make her take a shower, and I started screaming at her on the driveway, where we all happened to be at the time. “Why?” I replied. “Why? Because people need to shower or else they get grubby and stinky! And nobody wants to be around stinky people! I don’t ask you to shower often. Just twice per week. Is that too much to ask?” Everyone in the neighborhood heard me say so, and I’m sure they agree with me (and probably think I don’t ask my kids to shower often enough). Or as I silently put it in my head, “Jesus H. Christ on a F*cking Pogo Stick, just take a shower and stop arguing with every damned thing I say!”

The kids clearly do not seem to know what they are dealing with. All the mommies are really mad right now. Trump would do well to realize that, too, BTW. It ain’t just the mommies in Portland who are pissed, or the mommies in Rhode Island. All the mommies have reached their limits, so everyone just better start behaving!

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