Day 299: The Good News and the Bad

Today was a momentous day in American history. The results of the Georgia runoff elections came in, and the news was good. Georgia elected two Democrats to the Senate. This will give Democrats the upper hand in the Senate, ousting Mitch McConnell from the position of Senate Majority leader, a position that he has abused to the entire country’s detriment. Thanks and congratulations to the winners Ossoff and Warnock, as well as Stacey Abrams and the voters of Georgia.

I wish that their victories were what this day would be remembered for, but on this same day Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying the electoral college vote. They failed in their end goal, but not before forcing their way into the building, damaging not only American property but America’s reputation in the world. At least four people have died as a result. D.C. residents had their lives upset by worry and an early evening curfew. Millions of Americans watched aghast as these events were transmitted on TV and social media. We were all traumatized.

Some of these terrorists seem to have expected more resistance and didn’t have much of a plan beyond “Storm the castle!” [Edit: I should clarify–they weren’t all disorganized, and we’re lucky our lawmakers were able to evacuate. News is still coming out about who was involved and why they were able to seemingly waltz in and out of the Capitol.] But they are all emboldened now, and it’s likely that they’ll be back for the inauguration in greater numbers, more organized, and with a better plan. I really hope not. But I think we should prepare for the worst.

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