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Some Choice!

I looked on-line to see when and where I should line up to vote for my favorite Democratic candidate. Good thing I hadn’t already put on my shoes. Rhode Island doesn’t vote until March! People say that February’s Super Tuesday … Continue reading

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By the Way

Yes, we’ve gotten so relaxed about our diets that we include beef now. We aren’t even good vegewannabes anymore!

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Whole Lotta Bad

I enjoyed the writing exercise of the other day. It felt good to write bad and, to my amazement, a story started to emerge from the bad writing. I already knew there was power in allowing oneself to write poorly, … Continue reading

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Late-Night Misfire

Late last night, I was in the bedroom reading when I heard the voice of Bill Maher coming from the TV in the living room. I put my book down for a moment and listened. My reward was to hear … Continue reading

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Euphemistically Speaking

If you had visited this site just minutes ago, you would have seen a post with a “newly-minted” euphemism. I thought it was my word. Then I looked it up and though it’s not in any conventional dictionary, it is … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Art

I must be living in the Monty Python scene where they bring out the dead and one of them says, “But I’m not dead yet!” That’s me. I’m still not dead. In spite of all my efforts to be dead, … Continue reading

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On Cloud Zero

Our new mattress, formerly known as The Cloud, had me floating on air for about two weeks, and then it started to sink and I started to ache. Faithful Reader, who noticed the sagging before I did, agreed that there … Continue reading

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I always thought that if you waited too long to pee, you’d simply wet your pants and that was it. I was wrong. Bladders can actually rupture if overfilled and left overfull for long periods of time. So, my friends, … Continue reading

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Background Music

It’s Christmastime and that means constant bombardment with some of the most annoying songs ever written, like the one about the Italian Christmas donkey. That horrid little tune gets so thoroughly stuck in my head that I walk around the … Continue reading

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Dark Ages

Today’s news: The governor of Georgia publicly prays for rain on the steps of the state capitol, and flags falling near Hillary Clinton are interpreted as a bad omen. What? Are we still living in the Dark Ages?

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