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This Little Piggy Went to the Market

I have a small personal stock account. I started buying individual stocks in May, probably at the highest point that the Dow hit all year. Such is my luck. I watched my stocks go up and down for a while, … Continue reading

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Time for Love

I have many things to do this week in preparation for the wedding on Saturday. I should be taking care of those things now but, right or wrong, I allocated this time today for writing. Writing eases stress, and I … Continue reading

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Wazzup Was

The events of late September— Faithful Reader took me to a Ben Folds Five concert to celebrate my birthday. It was an outdoor concert. The weather was chilly but otherwise cooperative and I was happy sitting with my honey, listening … Continue reading

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Trying to Stay Calm

It’s scary buying a house. It’s absolutely terrifying buying a house during a global financial crisis. I’m just trying to stay calm.

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It’s Crazy!

When I first started investing in individual stocks, I was told that I needed to make rational decisions and not be swept away by emotion. That made sense until I had been investing for a few months. Then I realized … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Gold

What is this? Can it be a free moment of time? A moment to spend frivolously on anything I please? It does appear to be one. Are our Olympics over? Hardly. We didn’t think the 3-Month Wedding Planning event was … Continue reading

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Books, Books, Books

Faithful Reader is back! And with him came a house guest—his friend, V. The three of us jumped in the car on Thursday and went to the big annual book sale in Westerly (the same one I went to last … Continue reading

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Last Week’s Lessons

Things I learned last week: My cat has toe cheese. No kidding. That’s the term the vet used. But since Z has had her paw wrapped in a splint for over two weeks, a little toe cheese is to be … Continue reading

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“Buy Low!”

On Wall Street the keys are “Buy low!” And “Pick out a stock that can grow!” But the sucker who buys May soon get a surprise When he finds it has lower to go.

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My Memorial Day Week

On Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncle’s for a barbecue. It was a beautiful day and the baby birds, eager to see it, were peeking out of the birdhouse. I found out that one of my cousins is … Continue reading

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