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Marshall, Music, and Mommy

Dear Marshall, Of the many things I hope for you, a love of music is one of the most important. I don’t necessarily want to turn you into a Juilliard-trained instrumentalist. Not that it would be a bad thing, but … Continue reading

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Fish Tail Tale

I promised you a look at my smallest ocarina. Here it is. Front Back This is a 6-hole, fish-shaped ocarina (an ichthyocarina, if you will). It appears to be made out of painted terra cotta. Like most of my smaller … Continue reading

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Ocarina Month

I have decided to name this month Ocarina Month. Throughout February, in order to celebrate this remarkable and variable instrument, I will share photos of the ocarinas in my collection. The Raindrop This is a four-hole Raindrop ocarina from clayz.com. … Continue reading

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Musical Goals: Part III

Goals require one to be realistic. I have been thinking about my musical goals now for several days, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion. Not only is my time limited, but my hands are already strained by the … Continue reading

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Musical Goals: Part II

Yesterday I dug through boxes of music books and instruments and made a big ol’ mess, but now all but one of my instruments are out where they can be played. The missing one is an African stringed instrument that … Continue reading

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Musical Goals

On this day, I’m still thinking about old dreams and new goals. Sorry to continue with the introspection, but I need to get this out of my system and I do my best thinking while writing. One of the things … Continue reading

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We bought a piano on Sunday. After all these years, I’m finally going to have a real piano, one with which I can make professional-quality music. I am so excited! Only 26 days until delivery!

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I got my camera back today. I’m as thrilled as an actress who has just received an Oscar for best performance in a leading role. I want to thank Canon U.S.A. for making such a good camera and for fixing … Continue reading

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The Hippo Got Me

It’s almost Christmas and the radio stations are busy overplaying their catalog of holiday tunes. I haven’t heard the one about the Christmas donkey yet this year (thank God!), but that doesn’t mean I got off scot-free. Oh, no. This … Continue reading

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Wazzup Was

The events of late September— Faithful Reader took me to a Ben Folds Five concert to celebrate my birthday. It was an outdoor concert. The weather was chilly but otherwise cooperative and I was happy sitting with my honey, listening … Continue reading

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