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Now We’re Cooking

How to cook delicious soup in three easy steps: Find a slow cooker recipe for delicious soup. Buy all of the ingredients. Hand recipe and ingredients to husband and say, “Here. Make this delicious soup.” I first tried this method … Continue reading

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It’s Not Working

My kids come home from school before I’m done with work. They don’t understand that I need to keep working. They ask me for things, and I keep telling them they’re going to have to wait. Even after I’ve finished … Continue reading

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Bedbugs Aren’t so Bad after All

One day last week the school’s secretary called me up at about 10:30 a.m. to ask why my son was absent. “No,” I said, instantly terrified. “He went to school!” The secretary immediately put me on hold and started looking … Continue reading

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Sad News Today

I just got word that the father of my closest childhood friend died earlier this week. He was a good man and a good father. I’m crushed by the news. I can’t even begin to imagine how his very large, … Continue reading

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My Vacation: Part II

Our vacation was officially ruined. It’s not just that being eaten by bedbugs is unpleasant. It is, and we got little sleep as a result. The biggest problem is that bedbugs love to travel, and you don’t want to spread … Continue reading

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My Vacation: Part I

Our vacation destination was a cottage on a lake located about six hours from our home. It’s a long drive and, as is usually the case, we left late. We also hit traffic. As a result, we arrived after dark. … Continue reading

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Sunny Days

Dear Kids, I have fallen behind in writing posts to you. Even enjoyable tasks can pile up and be difficult to manage. That is what has happened. I know how to deal with this problem, though, and I will share … Continue reading

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Coyote Days

Our days have been randomly punctuated by the eerie yip-yips and howls of coyotes. It sounds like a whole kennel of puppies have taken up residence directly behind our house. If I open the door and step outside, they stop … Continue reading

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New Disease

Heard around the house: You have poo-die-itis. You have only fifteen minutes to live, and it’s already been ten minutes!

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It’s Berry True

Berries ripen with maddening slowness!

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