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Writing Report

I worked hard on my rhymes for a few weeks, and now I’m taking a break from that project and going back to my novel. I know that sounds silly, since I was working on the rhymes to take a … Continue reading

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Step 1

While we were furniture shopping last week, we also bought a bunk bed for Marshall. We ought to have gotten him one long ago, when he was younger, but at least he is not yet too old to enjoy such … Continue reading

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The Problem With the Plan

The major problem with my plan to put on my headphones and write is that listening to music on headphones, even at low levels, affects my hearing negatively, something which I had already learned once but forgotten. After just a … Continue reading

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My husband and I went furniture shopping yesterday. We weren’t necessarily planning to buy anything. We just thought we’d just check out what was available. The experience turned out to be sort of depressing, though. None of the couches was … Continue reading

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What Pictures Cannot Show

There are many things a picture cannot show. It cannot show a taste, a sound, a smell, or a physical sensation. It also cannot show just how vividly purple the violets are against the wet grass and the grey weather, … Continue reading

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Change is coming. I can feel it in the air. Change to big things. Change to small things. I wish I felt that it would all be good.

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Music for Writing

Listening to Into the Trees by Zoe Keating. Good music to listen to while writing, or anytime

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I haven’t done much writing for my rhyme project or my novel lately. I have done a lot of journaling, though, which is good. Even better, I have programmed myself to start writing when I put my headphones on. So … Continue reading

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Life Continues

Suddenly there are violets everywhere purpling the grass. The insects are here to visit them and their neighbors, the dandelions and creeping Charlie. Yesterday I saw not only the usual carpenter bees and green bees, but also a bee fly … Continue reading

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The Truth About Green Bees

Among the insects that visit my yard are little green bees, and what I call them is “little green bees.” I know that they’re technically “sweat bees,” but I usually don’t call them that, because it’s an icky name. That … Continue reading

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