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Reading Time

Just as one sends a letter from place to place, one may send, to one’s self or others, letters through time. Photographs, mementos and journal entries are letters we send into the future; and by writing or speaking about events … Continue reading

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Dear Livia, Wah, Wah, Waaah, Waaaaah, WAH, WAAAH, WAAAAAAAAH! How do you like it? Just kidding, Sweetie. Yesterday, you wouldn’t stop crying. I tried everything—diaper changes, burping, propping, tummy time, rocking, singing—you name it. As the day wore on, you … Continue reading

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One Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, it was dark (near midnight), and according to the weathermen the snow was supposed to start falling at any moment. We were expecting more than a foot of snow. We had just … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise

Dear Baby Girl, When you’re pregnant, people always ask, “So are you going to find out the sex?” And I say, “Of course!” Thanks to modern science, there’s no reason to wait. My theory is that knowing in advance gives … Continue reading

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Your Mom, the Singer-Songwriter

Dear Marshall, You seem to like the sound of my voice. When you were very young,  I tried to sing baby songs to you and found that I didn’t know all the words. So I started making up my own … Continue reading

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Tag, You’re It!

Dear Marshall, You love tags. Tags on bibs, burpie cloths, toys, blankets, and just about everything else. If there’s a tag hanging off of something, you want to eat it. Since every cloth item in the world seems to come … Continue reading

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Golden Opportunity

Dear Marshall, You woke me up at 2 a.m. the other night. Your diaper had leaked and you wanted someone to come take the wetness away. I did, of course. The next day, I told your father and he asked, … Continue reading

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The Early Bird Gets the Joke

Sometimes I write blog posts in advance and schedule them to appear later in the week. When I do that, I always set the post time to 08:00. I chose that time because it had a “start of the day” … Continue reading

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Another Year Older

September is over, but it deserves mention as a lovely month in both form and content. It was made of gorgeous late-summer and early-fall days. It was filled with fun things like campfires, family get-togethers, a visit to a farm, … Continue reading

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Ain’t That Nice?

I awoke the other morning to the smell of baking bread and when I went to change the baby’s diaper, I found a note saying, “Bread will be done at 8:30 a.m.. Take it out, let it cool, then eat … Continue reading

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