Day 254: Let Us Hope So

One of the first things I’m going to do when this pandemic is over, right after cutting my hair short, will be to get my piano tuned. Before the pandemic I had already put the tuning off several times, simply because the house was a mess and I was embarrassed. Then the pandemic made it so that we didn’t want a stranger breathing our air. The end result is that my beautiful grand piano is out of tune to a degree that even I, who grew up playing on a perpetually untuned and untunable spinet, notice. It’s inadvisable to leave a piano out of tune for a long time, because it might relax into the lower tension and forever want to stay that way. But perhaps the piano and I won’t have to wait too much longer, now that there are several working vaccines on the horizon. Let us hope so (and for many reasons other than the tuning of my piano, obviously).

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Day 253: Surprised Anew

If back in the aughts Hollywood had asked me if we needed another “Pride and Prejudice” film adaptation, I would have told them not to bother. The 1995 BBC miniseries was perfection. I’d have said no other P&Ps were needed or wanted, thank you very much.

So it’s just as well they didn’t ask me, because the 2005 “Pride & Prejudice” is also a delight. I don’t know how it turned out that way. Keira Knightley as Elizabeth? Donald Sutherland as her father? And who is this Matthew Macfadyen guy to play Mr. Darcy? I never would have thought they’d carry it off, but they did. I watched the film again tonight and was surprised anew by how good it is.

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Day 252: Accidentally on Purpose

I might have accidentally binge-watched all of “Dash & Lily” tonight. Or perhaps it was on purpose. It seems like something I’d do. Either way I make no apologies.

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Day 251: Good or Bad Be Damned

I worked all day, at the expense of other things. So it must be, until my work project is done. I also spent some time in the evening coloring with Marshall (he on a picture of sharks, me on a picture of seahorses). And just before bedtime, I wrote a few more words for my novel. I am determined to finish it. Good or bad be damned. Finished is all I care about now.

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Day 250: Night Falls Early

Today I was so busy with work that I almost forgot to take a walk. By the time I went out, the light was almost gone, and I had to cut my walk short. Going forward, I need to adjust my schedule. Night falls early now and it won’t hold off just because I’m busy!

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Day 249: Working Like a Maniac

It’s a good thing that there’s really no “dead” in my work deadline this week, because I am not going to finish my project in time. Nobody else will need to see my work until next week, so I can take a few more days, no big deal. Still, I don’t like missing a deadline that I should have been able to meet. I’ve been working like a maniac all week, and I’m going to continue working like a maniac and get this thing done as close to the deadline as possible.

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Day 248: Writing

I did some writing today. The words fought me every step of the way. That didn’t bother me too much, though. I was just happy to be writing again.

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Day 247: Weekend Accomplishments

I finished everything on my list for yesterday except the book review. Here’s how our pictures turned out:

Finished Pictures

I didn’t get quite as much done today, but in addition to the Daily Minimum, I partially cleaned one bathroom, folded more laundry, colored with the kids again, paid my bills, did some online shopping, and cleared off my desk.

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Day 246: So Far & What’s Next

It is late afternoon, and I’m pausing to think about what I’ve done so far today and what else I’d like to do this weekend. I already did my Daily Minimum (laundry, dishes, walking, etc.). I also spent nearly two hours coloring with the kids. We’re not quite done yet with our pictures, but they’re coming along nicely, as you can see in the picture below


As to what else I’d like to do today, I would like to finish coloring my picture, though I may leave that for tomorrow. I would like to finish the book I’m reading and write the rough draft of a review for it. I’d like to do another load of laundry and fold the laundry that’s already clean and dry. I’d like to finish this blog post and the one for yesterday that’s in my draft folder. And then I think I’d like to watch a movie. There are several in my queue that might do.

By the end of the weekend, there are a few other things I’d like to accomplish: get all the bathrooms cleaned, pay my bills, order cloth napkins and placemats for Thanksgiving, clear out the dining room, and organize my office. It’s a lot, and I doubt I’ll get it all done, but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

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Day 245: HUA

I believe that sometimes the events of our lives carry messages with them and that it’s important to listen to those messages. Whether Someone or Something is behind the messages or whether they’re simply random learning opportunities is, of course, the subject of great debate. I don’t know the answer to that question, and for most practical purposes it doesn’t matter. But just in case there is a power directing the messages, I just want to say in response to the latest one, “Heard, understood, and acknowledged.”

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