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One, Two, Spiders Coming for You

My version of a classic nursery rhyme: One, two, Spiders coming for you! Three, four, Weevils at the door! Five, six, Gonna pick up ticks! Seven, eight, You’re mosquito bait! Nine, ten, Swarming ants again!

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Hard Choices

I have to face it. I just don’t have time to do everything I would like to do. So unless I want to miss out on the things that really matter to me, I have to give up some of … Continue reading

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Your Mom, the Singer-Songwriter

Dear Marshall, You seem to like the sound of my voice. When you were very young,  I tried to sing baby songs to you and found that I didn’t know all the words. So I started making up my own … Continue reading

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Chocolate Limericks

Spam is dumb. When it tries to incorporate phrases from your blog, the results seldom make sense. There are fun exceptions, though. The spam I received today asked, “Have you seen a good chocolate limericks?” If you ignore the bad … Continue reading

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Worrywarts R Me

She was dwelling on her worries, thinking thoughts of dread, When the first of many worry warts appeared upon her head. Simply being stressed caused a second on her chest, And the thought of being drowned made it bigger all … Continue reading

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“Buy Low!”

On Wall Street the keys are “Buy low!” And “Pick out a stock that can grow!” But the sucker who buys May soon get a surprise When he finds it has lower to go.

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O Christmas Tree

This year the Borg assimilated our Christmas tree and decked it with energy-efficient lights. Soon the tree will join “The Collective,” so let us admire its biological and technological distinctiveness one last time before it goes. O Christmas Tree, O … Continue reading

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Haiku Cuckoo

Are you cuckoo for haiku? I remember writing haiku in school. It was a popular assignment all-around because it required so little effort. Kids could write it easily. Teachers could grade it quickly and kindly. What wasn’t to like? Years … Continue reading

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New TV

Television screen: Not for sun, not for rain Inside only sparkling

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Incipient Rhyme

After the thought, before the words, a hanging space of gray, A chance to catch, rephrase or patch the rhyme that’s on the way.

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