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My Life This Week

1. My dishwasher has been out of commission for several days. The stack of unwashed dishes keeps growing, and I’m going a little crazy. It’s not that we can’t hand-wash our dishes (obviously I’ve had to wash some of them), … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Finish My Novel (Even Though I Hate Writing)

1. Fame: Fame is a big reason why some people want to write a novel. Not me. I think fame sounds unpleasant. However, I wouldn’t mind being just successful enough to have a chance at meeting some authors who are … Continue reading

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Sacred Pens and Holy Notebooks

Speaking of “sacred pens” and “holy notebooks” . . . If you’re going to write a lot, you need a good pen. Some of my journal entries from 2017 have faded badly, perhaps because they were exposed, if only briefly, … Continue reading

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The Four “R’s” of Writing

Sometimes when I’m free-writing in my journals, I start to see relationships between words that I never noticed before. One day I found that you can put the homophones right/write/rite/write together to make a little piece of advice: It’s right … Continue reading

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A Question

What do you do with a journal once you’ve filled all the pages? People have different ideas about this. Some say that you curate it. Others say that you shred the whole thing. Some people keep their journals forever. If … Continue reading

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She Took Time and Effort

People say that if you write a little bit here and a little bit there, eventually it will add up. I guess “People” were right. Though I feel like I haven’t been working on my novel much, Scrivener begs to … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Hate About Writing

Having a good idea doesn’t guarantee that a whole story is going to flow steadily from your pen. The idea is the easy part. Figuring out where it goes and then illuminating the path for readers to follow is the … Continue reading

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The Soundtrack to My Life

I often use music to block out distractions as I write, but it has to be the kind of music that won’t itself be a distraction. That means that it can’t have any words. When writing Morning Pages and blog … Continue reading

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Inspiration Abounds

It’s amazing how often I am reminded to work on my novel. Trees are everywhere, not just outside, but inside. I find them in art and literature, even in architecture. At Livia’s art show there were some paintings of trees, … Continue reading

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This Blog Has Changed!

I don’t add new widgets to the blog often, but I added one today. It claims that it will help me track my progress on my novel. I guess we’ll see. As far as widgets go, it’s an intrusive little … Continue reading

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