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That Can Wait

The shower is the perfect place to think random thoughts. Today, as I washed my hair, I was thinking about how easy it is prioritize when dealing with the world’s problems (i.e., things that are not within your power to … Continue reading

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Who Needs Romance?

The kids like to come into my office while I’m watching TV. I often watch sci-fi, which they like, and as long as it’s not rated above PG-13, odds are that I’ll let them watch it with me. But I … Continue reading

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Magic and Science

Lately I’ve been streaming The Librarians, a TV show in which a team of librarians protect the world from evil magicians and dangerous magical artifacts. It’s a silly show, but entertaining. Favorite quote so far: “Magic is not an exact … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore the Stranger

Months ago, my husband installed a backup directory on my computer. He told me to move my personal files into that directory so that they’d get backed up, but I never did. Not until yesterday, that is, after reading a … Continue reading

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Why Does Everything Have to Take So Long?

Today I’m continuing my efforts to clean up around here (“here” meaning my head, the blog, and my house). I did dishes and laundry. I cleaned out my closet. I deleted or posted all but 9 draft blog posts. I … Continue reading

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Big Data

Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Grade: B+ In Everybody Lies, the author used Google Trends, Google AdWords, and other sources of Big Data. He … Continue reading

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Gotta Crawl into Bed

Today, I looked outside and saw that there was still snow on the ground from Wednesday night’s snow squalls. It was pretty, and the temperature was above freezing, but not high enough for tick activity. It seemed like a good … Continue reading

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Last Thoughts at Night

Dear Kids, When you were babies I got into the habit of checking on you each night before I went to bed. I wanted to make sure you were still breathing. I know that probably sounds paranoid, but if you … Continue reading

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This Friday Afternoon

I’m trying to relax and do a good job (ha-ha) of taking the day off, but I keep getting distracted by random thoughts. Here are some of them. If Trump supporters will finally admit that he’s a lying bastard who … Continue reading

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How I Met My Book: Part II

The last time I wrote about “How I Met My Book,” I talked about some of my favorite inherited books. This time I want to talk about a special variety of book: the unexpected loaner. Sometimes other people get it … Continue reading

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