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How Dare She!

What’s really annoying is when a scientist takes the plot for your novel and tries to turn it into real life. (BTW, I’m not suggesting for a moment that she “stole” my idea. I’m just unhappy that it’s taking me … Continue reading

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First Violet of 2019

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My husband visited his parents today, and my mother-in-law sent some chourico home with him. I reheated the chourico and ate it on a hot dog bun with some ketchup. Yes, ketchup. I’m pretty sure that’s enough to get me … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful night for listening to the peepers.

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There Are Lines, and There Are Lines

Quote of the day: I hope it starts pouring. I don’t want to get soaked. I just want everyone to stay away! —Spoken by the cart-return guy at the local grocery store Thanks to Stop & Shop’s labor strike, our … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that if I force myself to sit at my desk, where I won’t be able to stop myself from bingeing on social media, eventually I will become so disgusted with myself that I’ll do some writing. … Continue reading

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Powerful Music

The problem with writing while listening to soundtrack music is that the grandeur of the music does not always match the writing. I’m listening to the soundtrack to Inception. It’s big, powerful music. While listening to it, I could be … Continue reading

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More Books

Mail Delivery! Yes, more books came today in the mail today, but I feel justified in having bought these. I have been needing a replacement set of Narnia books for a long time. Now that my kids are old enough … Continue reading

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Pretty Books

Me: I have too many books. I’m not going to order any more of them. No more books will be arriving in the mail. Mail Delivery! Also Me: OK, so I’m a sucker for pretty books.

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Readers, Artists, Athletes, and More

Dear Children, Just a few days ago the two of you secretly worked together to set up a Story Nest as a surprise for me. I was tired, so I let you do all the reading. It was wonderful to … Continue reading

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