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The Soundtrack to My Life

I often use music to block out distractions as I write, but it has to be the kind of music that won’t itself be a distraction. That means that it can’t have any words. When writing Morning Pages and blog … Continue reading

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My Fortune

My fortune from last night’s fortune cookie: Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

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Special Deliveries

Two fun things came in the mail today. First, my father’s photo album arrived, and it looks great. I think he’s going to like it. Second, I got some new sheet music. I’ve been trying to learn “Des Abends,” which … Continue reading

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Piano Lessons

Just a few days ago Marshall announced, “I want to learn how to play the piano.” This was music to my ears! Being able to play a musical instrument is a blessing that I want to share with both of … Continue reading

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I’ve been listening to CDs instead of MP3s lately. While I may be going backward technologically, there’s something so nice about a fully-loaded 5-disc CD player. I’m about to shift around the discs, but before I do, I want to … Continue reading

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Favorite Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto

I was once so in love with a piano piece that I tried to learn it by ear. It was a tune called “Sonatine” from one of my favorite albums, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s BTTB. The letters BTTB stand for “Back to … Continue reading

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Musical Memoir

Broken Music: A Memoir by Sting Grade: B- I am a big fan of Sting’s music. As a child I was entranced by the song “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” During college I listened to his early solo … Continue reading

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I like the music of both John Mayer and Coldplay, so I found this quote by JM interesting. When I started to get down to the music that really moved me, I realized that it wasn’t about putting your pinky … Continue reading

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Something’s Missing

Today is April 18th, and had all gone according to plan I would have seen John Mayer performing in Providence tonight. I had tickets, and I was looking forward to the show. But just days after I bought the tickets, … Continue reading

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Favorite Thing: “3×5”

Ever since my friend posted a photo of a sunrise on her blog, I’ve had a John Mayer song stuck in my head. The song, from Mayer’s first studio album, Room for Squares, is called “3×5.” Ironically, the lyrics are … Continue reading

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