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Old Cars and Old Cats

Our car and our cat have more in common than you’d think. They are both old. They both require more maintenance with every year. The repairs get more expensive with every year, too. The repairs are also remarkably similar in … Continue reading

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Mojo Doodle

I can’t seem to help doodling. Sometimes the doodles even turn into drawings of recognizable things. This doodle turned into my cat, Mojo. I found it in an old notebook.  

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Forgotten Pictures of 2011: Part II

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Protected: Will She Stay or Will She Go?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Eyes of a Cat, Closed

My dear friend’s cat died yesterday. She was a good cat. In her honor, I offer my only Poirot quote to reference cats. After someone unsuccessfully attempts to kill Poirot and Hastings (his friend), he says, Yes, but for my … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Peeps: Next, Next Part

Going through my drafts, I found this next installment of the Peeps story. I can’t believe how long I let it sit there. Wow. I offer ten times as many apologies as usual, especially to Peeps, who would like her … Continue reading

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Tag, You’re It!

Dear Marshall, You love tags. Tags on bibs, burpie cloths, toys, blankets, and just about everything else. If there’s a tag hanging off of something, you want to eat it. Since every cloth item in the world seems to come … Continue reading

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Good Fortune

We had Chinese food for dinner the other night and I liked the fortune that came in my fortune cookie. I looked for the little scrap of paper today because I wanted to share that precious pearl of Ancient Chinese … Continue reading

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It’s Not All Bad

We learned for sure today what we have suspected for a while, that Mojo is not the only sick cat in the house. Peeps and Zoulie are also showing symptoms. When they were all sick before, we were almost certain … Continue reading

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Zippity Quick

I doubt that “zippity” is a word, but when I thought about doing a quick post, “zippity quick” is what came to mind. This post needs to be zippity quick because it’s already past my bedtime. Sure, I could wait … Continue reading

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