Zippity Quick

I doubt that “zippity” is a word, but when I thought about doing a quick post, “zippity quick” is what came to mind.

This post needs to be zippity quick because it’s already past my bedtime. Sure, I could wait until tomorrow, but I keep doing that and what does it get me? A lot of lame blog posts that say, “I’ll write tomorrow!”

Well, enough of that nonsense. I’m going to write now and hope that I can catch up on my sleep this weekend.

The most obvious topic for today is our beloved cat, Mojo, who is locked in my office because he’s sick. We have to separate him from the other cats so that we can monitor him and feed him special food. He’s perfectly happy sitting on his pillow, but the fact that he hardly moves off the pillow has me really worried. And he hasn’t used the litterbox since we locked him in here earlier today.

Though he’s been sick for a few weeks, it only just occurred to me today that he could die. Mojo, dead. How could we stand that?

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