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Blast from the Past

I found this tiny piece of paper on the floor in my office while I was vacuuming today. The New Haven Register is a newspaper that I used to deliver, and this piece of paper is a receipt that ought … Continue reading

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Snow Umbrellas

Given the amount of snow we’ve gotten recently, it seems fitting to share this quote. Marshall says, “It’s snowing and the trees are making umbrellas. The truck and the car are covered with snow. The truck and the car are … Continue reading

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May 28-29, 2002

I found this in my drafts folder. I figured I might as well post it. Our Stay in Bath When we awoke in the morning, we discovered that which we already should have known. It’s rather chilly in England at … Continue reading

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Protected: Back in Time

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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One Year

Dear Livia, You are a year old now. It’s hard to believe it, but the calendar doesn’t lie. One year ago today, it was snowing hard. I was in the hospital, first in labor and then taking care of my … Continue reading

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Old Letters, Old Age

Poirot says, “Oh, la la, never does a woman destroy a letter if she can avoid it! Not even if it would be more prudent to do so!” from “The Adventure of ‘The Western Star’” After reading this quote, I … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I’m beginning to understand why they say that you shouldn’t be judgmental of how other people raise their children. In parenthood as in other aspects of life, what works for other people may not work for you, and vice versa. … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

I really hate it when adults, particularly ones who are over 30, blame their parents for all their problems. They say, “My parents messed me up so bad that I’ll never be able to live a normal life. I’m emotionally … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Dear Marshall, It is March of 2011 now. I wrote the following post during the fall, which is why I’m setting the publication date to this day (chosen randomly) in October. I looked out the window at the tree limbs … Continue reading

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Libraries and Hotel Disappoint

The realization that I had fallen behind on the Marplethon prompted me to figure out exactly which books I had left to read and where I might find them (hence the recent post). On Saturday, I discovered that a nearby … Continue reading

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