Old Letters, Old Age

Poirot says,

“Oh, la la, never does a woman destroy a letter if she can avoid it! Not even if it would be more prudent to do so!”

from “The Adventure of ‘The Western Star'”

After reading this quote, I went searching through my Memory Box for an old love letter someone gave me once upon a time. I could not find it. Did I throw it away? It seems unlikely, though I did once rip up a different love letter. Destroying that letter seemed prudent at the time, but I think it was ultimately a mistake. I would really get a kick out of reading it today if I could.

Digging through my Memory Box, I found many other letters, cards, journals, and various mementos. It made me realize again how much of my past I have forgotten. I have talked many times about trying to write my memories down. I hope I can find the time someday soon, before the fog of Age takes even more of them away from me.

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