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Just the Facts?

Here is another conversation between Poirot and his friend Hastings. “Mon ami—you know my suspicious nature! I believe nothing that any one says unless it can be confirmed or corroborated.” “That’s right, old boy,” I said affectionately. “A thoroughly nice, … Continue reading

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Poirot’s know-it-all attitude even irritates his best friend, Hastings, from time to time. In “The Million Dollar Bond Robbery,” Hastings says, “Good Lord, Poirot! Do you know, I’d give a considerable sum of money to see you make a thorough … Continue reading

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Tons of Reading

I have done tons of reading lately, mostly lightweight stuff, so I’m going to try to get as much of it into a single post as I can. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, series by Rick Riordan Book 1: The … Continue reading

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39 Weeks

Everyone probably thought the baby would have arrived by now, but here I am past 39 weeks and no baby yet. One of the things that strikes me at this point is how easily I’ve gotten used to the changes … Continue reading

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Baby Blues

First, I want to wag the Dumb Toe of Ugliness at the adoption system in this country. For shame! It is a sick system indeed that gives adoptive parents a newborn for almost two months then says, “Oh, by the … Continue reading

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My Memorial Day Week

On Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncle’s for a barbecue. It was a beautiful day and the baby birds, eager to see it, were peeking out of the birdhouse. I found out that one of my cousins is … Continue reading

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Seeing Double

On Saturday, I went to Sturbridge to meet up with K—. We found a nice place to have lunch and browsed through a couple of stores. We would have spent the rest of our visit at one of the local … Continue reading

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More Catch-Up

I did a lot of reading during my break from posting. I only have two books left to post about, so I might as well handle them at the same time. The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl, Book 5) by Eoin … Continue reading

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An Affair to Remember

And now, to balance the less-than-cheery insights from the last post, I present to you the other book that I read recently. Thursday Next: First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde Grade: A My love affair with The Eyre Affair has … Continue reading

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Christmas Gratitude

What better time to get back into the habit of being grateful than after receiving so many great gifts? Thanks, Faithful Reader, for doing all the shopping and ordering for our Christmas TV. Thanks, Mom, for filling up my stocking … Continue reading

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