Christmas Gratitude

What better time to get back into the habit of being grateful than after receiving so many great gifts?

  • Thanks, Faithful Reader, for doing all the shopping and ordering for our Christmas TV.
  • Thanks, Mom, for filling up my stocking even though you said you weren’t going to do it this year, and also for the cashmere sweater and the bubble-tea kit.
  • Thanks, Dad, for the pretty silver necklace.
  • Thanks, In-Laws-to-Be, for Christmas-Eve dinner and the neato Bach action figure.
  • Thanks, C—, for the Christmas card, which was wonderful to receive, and also for the return address, because without it I’d have no idea where the heck you were.
  • Thanks, A—, for the Christmas mug and candy. You’re one of the nicest coworkers in the world.
  • Thanks, Borg drones, for helping to decorate the Christmas tree.
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