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Day 261: Unwilling Shopaholic

Like yesterday, I spent most of my day Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping is always time-consuming, but even more so when it’s done online. Why? Sometimes it’s because . . . No matter how hard you look, the thing you want … Continue reading

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Day 110: Three Things About This Week

I ordered olive oil from Target earlier this week. I figured that they wouldn’t offer to ship it if they couldn’t handle it. I was wrong, and I did not enjoy getting an oil-soaked package full of broken glass delivered … Continue reading

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Things Done and Things Yet to Do

I’m thrilled to be able to say that I’ve already gotten some of my Christmas tasks done. Shutterfly offered me free holiday address labels a couple of weeks ago, so I ordered them and they arrived last week. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Pointing Out the Obvious

I found this great dress at the mall. I doubt I’d look as good in it as the mannequin does, though. My head’s just not pointy enough.

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Naughty, Naughty

I read an ad in the newspaper about a used bookstore that was going out of business. They were selling their books at $5 per bag. How could we resist such a temptation? Naturally, we went and we spent. Then … Continue reading

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Great Library Binge

It wasn’t my fault! They were selling books at the library, so what was I to do? Just ignore a whole roomful of cheap books? I’ve heard that some people have that ability, but not I. And so yesterday I … Continue reading

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Next at Bat

I picked up a couple of books from the library today. One is the next book in the Vonnegut Marathon, Galapagos. I struggled with the temptation to buy this book because it was cheap and readily available. However, one should … Continue reading

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Winter Salad

For weeks, it was too cold for me to be easily lured outside, but today was beautiful. I decided to run some quick errands, including a stop at the grocery store to pick up some fresh produce. The grocery store … Continue reading

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Euphemistically Speaking

If you had visited this site just minutes ago, you would have seen a post with a “newly-minted” euphemism. I thought it was my word. Then I looked it up and though it’s not in any conventional dictionary, it is … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Art

I must be living in the Monty Python scene where they bring out the dead and one of them says, “But I’m not dead yet!” That’s me. I’m still not dead. In spite of all my efforts to be dead, … Continue reading

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