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Get It Done and Fix It Later

“Get it done and fix it later.” That’s what I’m always telling myself at work. Perfection is a noble goal, but production must happen first. There will be opportunities to fix my mistakes later down the line. But if my … Continue reading

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Man of Leisure

I’m not sure I agree with M. Poirot on this one. I am, alas, a man of leisure. . . . I have made the economies in my time and I have now the means to enjoy a life of … Continue reading

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I Ain’t Superstitious

I think I’m not superstitious. That is, until something happens and I say to myself, “Gee! I hope that’s not a sign!” For example, today I accidentally ripped a piece of a paper at work. It wasn’t just any old … Continue reading

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Back to Work

Today was my first day of work since the baby was born. Thank God I decided to ease my way back to work by doing a couple months of part-time days. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have made it. … Continue reading

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Positive Thinking

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. The stress of pregnancy, the anticipation of childbirth, the continuing mess that is our house, the horrible stories in the news…all have combined to leave me feeling more than just blah. Today, as … Continue reading

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My Own Reward

I’ve never believed that tripe about virtue being its own reward. To me, one of the saddest things about this world is that if you don’t get things done, eventually someone will come along and tell you what a lazy … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Fun

Without going into too much detail about my job, which I refuse to do here, I will tell you that I often deal with bits and pieces of text. Some of those pieces, specifically those that spell (or nearly spell) … Continue reading

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Fear Factor

Things I don’t do because I’m afraid… Ride rollercoasters Donate blood Quit my job Are these things worth the effort of overcoming my fear?

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We Must Be Crazy

Today I cooked and ate breakfast, worked for almost 8 hours, prepared and ate lunch, cooked and ate dinner, washed dishes, took a brief walk, and blogged. For me, this was a full day and it felt like I accomplished … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish

My future father-in-law came over a couple of weeks ago to help move our new sofa into the house. I was sitting at my desk when Faithful Reader brought him through my office. Faithful Reader explained that I was working … Continue reading

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