Positive Thinking

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. The stress of pregnancy, the anticipation of childbirth, the continuing mess that is our house, the horrible stories in the news…all have combined to leave me feeling more than just blah. Today, as I lay in bed for a few extra hours thinking about things, I decided that I need to cheer myself up. So join me as I think about some of the good things in my life right now.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the cats are free. This is a wonderful thing for two reasons. One, the cats are happier and two, their former prison has been miraculously transformed into a nursery. The paint color we chose for the nursery is beautiful. The furniture looks good in there. Once the smell of paint is gone, perhaps a day or two more, I can go in and start nesting like a proper expectant mother.

I’m now officially on maternity leave. I have been needing to take some time off from work for years, but it just hasn’t happened. Now I finally can. It won’t be the freewheeling time I had planned previously, but it will give me a chance to bond with my baby, and I’m thankful that I can afford to take so much unpaid leave. A lot of people can’t.

Having been through a couple of 90+ degree days earlier this year, I was worried that the last couple of months of pregnancy would be miserable, but the weather this spring has been unusually cool and comfortable.

I have had a worry-free, textbook pregnancy. No gestational diabetes, no preeclampsia. I have been spared many of the typical discomforts, such as heartburn and varicose veins. In some ways, my health has even improved. I’m less short of breath now and have better digestion than before the pregnancy.  My health insurance has also been covering my bills.

The house sometimes drives me crazy. It still has so many problems, but there are a lot of positives about it, too. I like our well water, the house stays cool downstairs even on hot days, the parts of the house that are finished look very good, and Nature is all around us. Some people wouldn’t appreciate the closeness of Nature, but Faithful Reader and I like to discover new plants and animals. I found a blueberry bush on our property just the other day. That made me happy. So did the three-foot snake that kept me from investigating the bush too closely. Snakes are cool.

That’s enough positive thinking for now. Thanks for listening. I’m feeling a little better now.

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