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Forgotten Pictures of 2011: Part II

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Traveling Man

A description of Poirot’s ride on a camel: He started by groans and lamentations and ended by shrieks, gesticulations and invocations to the Virgin Mary and every Saint in the calendar. In the end, he descended ignominiously and finished the … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Peeps: Next Part

Of course, an animal can’t be naked in the same way as people, since they typically don’t wear clothes (excepting the toads, which are considered peculiar by the other animals). What Peeps meant was that Old King Fisher didn’t have … Continue reading

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Fish Tail Tale

I promised you a look at my smallest ocarina. Here it is. Front Back This is a 6-hole, fish-shaped ocarina (an ichthyocarina, if you will). It appears to be made out of painted terra cotta. Like most of my smaller … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Peeps: Part VII

Please don’t mind the roughness of this installment. I’ll flesh it out later. For now, I just want to get another part of the story down. For the first part of the story, click here. “Come,” said the toad to … Continue reading

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Positive Thinking

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. The stress of pregnancy, the anticipation of childbirth, the continuing mess that is our house, the horrible stories in the news…all have combined to leave me feeling more than just blah. Today, as … Continue reading

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They Call Him Mr. Salamander

“Did you post the picture yet? Didya? Didya, huh?” asked my Faithful Reader. This is the cute salamander that crept onto our patio a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the photo, Faithful Reader!

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It Really Is Spring

It’s our first spring at our new house and the miscellaneous flora and fauna that live nearby have been trying to make us feel welcome. Just a few days ago, on a wet and rainy night, a salamander crawled onto … Continue reading

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The Hippo Got Me

It’s almost Christmas and the radio stations are busy overplaying their catalog of holiday tunes. I haven’t heard the one about the Christmas donkey yet this year (thank God!), but that doesn’t mean I got off scot-free. Oh, no. This … Continue reading

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Hanging With the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George Grade: B+ Julie of the Wolves is the story of a 13-year-old Eskimo girl from Alaska who runs away from home because of her abusive husband. She is heading for San Francisco, … Continue reading

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