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Another Month Over

This February wasn’t the best month for my blog. It started out well, with lots of ocarina shots, but by the end of the month the posts had gotten sparse. February is a short month, and it was perhaps not … Continue reading

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Today’s Triskelions

This is a pretty Celtic Triscele ocarina by Songstone Studios. It has four holes and is therefore easy to play, but it is high-pitched and a bit shrill (hear it here). I would probably not recommend this brand of ocarinas, … Continue reading

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That’s Gourd-geous!

Today’s ocarina has five holes and plays the same way as the last one, but it is completely different in shape and material. This ocarina, if it can indeed be called an ocarina, is an interesting hybrid of wood and … Continue reading

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Other Fish in the Sea

I promised you another fish-shaped ocarina. Here it is! Front Back This is a 5-hole ichthyocarina. The previous ocarina, though also fish-shaped, was very different. It was painted in a folk-art design and had six holes. This one is painted … Continue reading

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Fish Tail Tale

I promised you a look at my smallest ocarina. Here it is. Front Back This is a 6-hole, fish-shaped ocarina (an ichthyocarina, if you will). It appears to be made out of painted terra cotta. Like most of my smaller … Continue reading

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Ocarina Month

I have decided to name this month Ocarina Month. Throughout February, in order to celebrate this remarkable and variable instrument, I will share photos of the ocarinas in my collection. The Raindrop This is a four-hole Raindrop ocarina from clayz.com. … Continue reading

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