Another Month Over

This February wasn’t the best month for my blog. It started out well, with lots of ocarina shots, but by the end of the month the posts had gotten sparse. February is a short month, and it was perhaps not the best choice for Ocarina Month. I had hoped to show you my whole collection, but I knew from the get-go that it would be hard, if not impossible. I don’t know if I’ll continue with the ocarina posts this year or wait until next year.

I also fell behind in my book posts during February. I have four books still to write about, including two from the Marplethon. I will try to get to them later this week. I’d like to have the books handy when I write the posts, but that may not be possible, since they are all overdue now and costing me money. It is definitely time to go to the library.

But getting to the library is just one small task on a very long to-do list, and with “American Idol” on three nights a week, I don’t know how I’ll get anything done! 😉

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