Two More Marples

The Marple books that I borrowed from the library had to go back to the library yesterday, so I do not have them for reference, but I will try to give you an idea of what they were about.

4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie
Grade: A

Mrs. Marple’s friend witnesses a murder on a train that’s going in the opposite direction of hers. As soon as she gets to the next station, she reports it but no body is discovered. She tells her story to Mrs. Marple, who believes her friend and suspects that  murder has been committed. The only way to prove it, though, is to find the body. Mrs. Marple is too old and frail for such a task, so she hires someone to find it for her.

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie
Grade: A

Mrs. Marple goes to the tranquil island of St. HonorĂ© for a vacation, but it is clearly her fate to always be surrounded by death. When one of the other guests at her hotel dies overnight, only Mrs. Marple suspects murder and she’s soon proven right, but can she discover the identity of the murderer before he or she strikes again?

Agatha Christie is in some ways the total opposite of M.M. Kaye. Christie’s settings are not, IMHO, as vividly described or as interesting and yet you always feel like you’re there with the characters in a far away place, and that’s good enough for me. Both stories are unique, fun, interesting—exactly what one wants and expects from a Marple mystery!

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