Other Fish in the Sea

I promised you another fish-shaped ocarina. Here it is!





This is a 5-hole ichthyocarina. The previous ocarina, though also fish-shaped, was very different. It was painted in a folk-art design and had six holes. This one is painted realistically, though I’m not sure what type of tropical fish it’s supposed to be (if you know, please share!). The 5-hole design is great. It plays exactly the same way as the 4-hole, but uncovering the hole on the back gives you an additional note, so this ocarina’s range is actually greater than an octave. While almost certainly mass-produced, the instrument has good tuning and a nice, loud tone.

I do have a couple of other sea creature ocarinas, but I’m going to save them for later. The next ocarina will be something completely different.

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