Seeing Double

On Saturday, I went to Sturbridge to meet up with K—. We found a nice place to have lunch and browsed through a couple of stores. We would have spent the rest of our visit at one of the local coffee shops, but it was so hot inside that we decided to check out the East Brimfield Dam instead. While we were there, some dark clouds came by and started raining on us.

Dark Clouds at the East Brimfield Dam

The rain became heavy enough that we took shelter in the car and we were going to leave, but then I looked out the driver’s side window and noticed that there was a rainbow.

It was a double rainbow, both semicircles bright and solid-looking, and I was surprised to see that the space between them was darker than the rest of the sky (a phenomenon called Alexander’s band). I’ve risked car accidents many times while gawking at rainbows on the highway, but this beat anything I’ve ever seen and I had the good fortune to be outside with nothing to distract me from its beauty. We stayed and admired the rainbow until the last small arc of color faded away.

What a wonderful day!

P.S. There’s no picture of the rainbow because the camera on my phone wasn’t quite up to the task.

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