Blast from the Past

I found this tiny piece of paper on the floor in my office while I was vacuuming today. The New Haven Register is a newspaper that I used to deliver, and this piece of paper is a receipt that ought to have been given to a customer as proof of payment. Sadly, my customers didn’t always pay me, so I sometimes had receipts left over. I thought I had thrown them all away, though. I can’t believe this thing followed me all the way from my hometown in CT and the year 1985!

I’m beginning to think that the past is trying to speak to me. First there was the note from 2009 that I found, then the note from 1992 that my friend Sprite found, and now this. But, if the past is indeed trying to speak to me, I have no idea what it’s trying to say! My husband has an alternative theory. He says this is a message reminding me to tip my newspaper delivery person.

What do you think?

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