Tag, You’re It!

Dear Marshall,

You love tags. Tags on bibs, burpie cloths, toys, blankets, and just about everything else. If there’s a tag hanging off of something, you want to eat it. Since every cloth item in the world seems to come with a tag, and we don’t cut them off except from some of the toys, you’ve sucked on a lot of tags.

You’re like a cat in that way, you know. Cats often ignore the toys you buy for them in favor of free things that aren’t supposed to be toys, like scrunched up pieces of paper, old boxes, and dust bunnies. You found a piece of scotch tape on the ground the other day and you thought it was great. Your father and I, of course, snatched it away from you immediately and wondered how the heck you had found it. And you like cardboard boxes, too. You’re just not allowed to play with them because you chew on them.

On the bright side, you’re easy to entertain.



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