The Marplethon Moves On

The Mousetrap (a.k.a. Three Blind Mice and Other Stories) by Agatha Christie
Grade: A

I enjoyed this collection of short stories by Agatha Christie. She had a good sense of humor and I agreed wholeheartedly with the character named Giles in the story “Three Blind Mice” when he said, “The trouble is that practically everything one does nowadays is illegal.” Ha-ha. In addition to that story, there are four Marples (“Strange Jest,” “Tape-Measure Murder,” “The Case of the Perfect Maid,” “The Case of the Caretaker.”), three Poirots (“The Third-Floor Flat,” “The Adventure of Johnny Waverly,” “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”) and one tale featuring a lesser-known character named Harley Quin (“The Love Detectives”). The short-story format works well for the genre and also makes for easy reading. I’m even half tempted to keep this book. Perhaps I will.

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