Strawberry Over Mint, Every Time

Lately I have been brushing my teeth with children’s toothpaste. I started using it because I was curious about what brushing my teeth with strawberry-flavored toothpaste would be like. Now it’s nearly gone, and I’m sad, because I like strawberry toothpaste. I don’t want to go back to the icky mint-flavored toothpaste that adults are supposed to use. Lucky for me, I don’t have to. I could buy more strawberry toothpaste instead, and I think I will.

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As I was making the bed today I found a spider under a pillow. Spiders are not allowed in beds, and spider trespass is a crime punishable by death. I felt sorry for the spider, though, so I scooped it up with a Kleenex and let it go outside. I may come to regret this decision. What if it knows how to get back in? And what if the other spiders now think they can trespass with impunity? Maybe I should put up some “NO SPIDERS!” signs around the bed, just in case. You can never be too careful when it comes to spiders.

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SITY: Reason to Sneeze

My allergies have been kicking up. At first I wondered why, because there aren’t many flowers blooming yet. Then I looked up, and it all made sense.

Maple Buds
I could sneeze just looking at them.
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SITY: $#@%!

“Tick” may be a four-letter word, but it is not the one I uttered when I found this thing crawling on me.

I hate finding ticks. At the same time, I’m grateful when I find them, because it’s not the tick you find that’s the problem, but the tick you don’t. Plus, there is a first tick every year, just as there is a first daffodil and a first violet. It’s almost a relief to have found it, because now I can get to work on accepting the inescapable reality that there are ticks everywhere at this time of year. But, I hope that this was really the first tick, the only one that there has been to find on any of us this year.

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Books at My Bedside

The Unfinished World and Other Stories by Amber Sparks, 172/223: This is an interesting collection of short stories, all unusual, some beautifully so, others disturbingly so. Most of them are very short. Brevity is good, especially when you’re tired. I might already have finished the book had I not gotten stuck in the longest story, my least favorite so far. Overall, though, it’s been a great read, and I expect to finish it soon.

The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde, 250/306: I wanted to give this book another try while it was still new, because what is the point of paying full price for a new hardcover if you’re not going to read it right away? So I did, and I’ll say this for Fforde, he’s clever as All Hell. And it’s a good thing that I can appreciate his cleverness, because satire is not my favorite genre. It was hard going at first, but I feel like the pace of the story has picked up, and I expect the last 50-odd pages to go quickly.

The Waste Land and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot, 0/88: I read an excerpt from The Waste Land recently (see below), and I thought, “Hey, I have never read this poem, and maybe I should.”

April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

On the Bus With Rosa Parks by Rita Dove, ?/88: I don’t know exactly how many pages or poems I’ve read from this poetry collection so far. I pick it up every so often, and my plan is simply to keep at it until I’ve read them all.

Overture by Yael Goldstein, 28/293: I haven’t made any headway on this one recently. The pages are dense, and I’ve been feeling too lazy to deal with that. But, I still have hope that I’ll pick the book up again before I forget what happened in the 28 pages I’ve read so far.

P.S. Since my last reading report, I put aside The Maze Runner by James Dashner, because I wasn’t in the right mood for it. I finished Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley and gave it an A+ grade.

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SITY: Daffodils

The first daffodil bloomed today. It was pretty. The picture I took of it was not, though, so please accept this replacement picture of some daffodils on the cusp of blooming.

Best Buds
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Today’s Thoughts

  • I cringe when people who are neither Italian nor in Italy say “ciao!” Meanwhile, I say “hola!” all the time, so who am I to judge?
  • Livia has been reading my photo albums. I hadn’t expected her to read them until she was older, and it freaks me out a little that she’s reading them now. On the bright side, she says my letters to her and Marshall are the best parts of the albums. She also wants me to write more of them, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. A lot of my reasons for writing them no longer apply. If I were to start them up again, I’d need to think about why.
  • Every time a new college semester is about to start, Berklee tries to convince me to take some of their online classes. I’m tempted, as always, but I can’t justify the expense, so I’ll settle for the usual compromise: I’ll allow myself to buy any musical recordings or books about music that I want.
  • I wish people wouldn’t use “rapier” as an adjective. I know that a rapier is a sword, and I don’t mind the noun so much, because context usually sets the reader up for it. But the adjective often strikes without warning, and when it does, it may be initially misunderstood as the comparative of “rape-y,” which isn’t keen.
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SITY: The Unexpected

“Ruby” in the Wild
One does not expect to find gemstones in one’s back yard.
Maybe it’s a sled, or maybe it’s a headless sphinx, or maybe even a Starfleet ship. Hard to be sure.
Rare Long-Tailed Cat
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Five Random Thoughts

  • I am resigned to the reality of Daylight Saving Time, but I continue to be resentful of it. Now that the kids are older, the time change doesn’t wreak havoc in our lives the way it once did, but it’s still disruptive. I normally have a relatively accurate internal clock, but the time change always throws it out of whack for weeks. I literally do not know what time of day it is, and I hate that feeling.
  • If Hester Prynne were to write an essay for school about the long history of cancel culture, I bet she’d get an A.
  • I play piano, some would even say well, but I don’t consider myself to be either a musician or a pianist. Is that weird?
  • Our car is still at the garage, so I am still carless, and I just got a letter from the State informing me that my registration will be suspended if the car doesn’t pass inspections within the next few days. The mechanic said that he’ll ask for an extension. I hope he won’t forget, because I don’t want to have to deal with the nuisance of getting the registration renewed. I also hope he’ll finish the work soon, because I’d like my car back!
  • There’s a handful of tiny snow piles lingering in the yard. They are small and the weather is warming, so they won’t be able to last much longer. I’m hoping they’ll be gone by spring, which officially starts (omg!) tomorrow.
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So Much for Self-Control

I usually don’t buy a lot of candy for my kids at Easter. I have an idea about what is a good amount for them to have, and my in-laws always exceed that amount all by themselves, without any help from me. This year, though, I was feeling bad that the kids are going to have to stay home for yet another holiday, and I went a little crazy with the online shopping. The deliveries have been rolling in and now there’s a pile of treat-filled boxes downstairs. My kids will be happy when they wake up Easter morning, and so will I. Sure, that sugar’s going to be so bad for their teeth, but at least they’ll be smiling.

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