Another Year Older

September is over, but it deserves mention as a lovely month in both form and content. It was made of gorgeous late-summer and early-fall days. It was filled with fun things like campfires, family get-togethers, a visit to a farm, and birthdays.

The campfires, as I’ve already mentioned, were wonderful. There’s nothing better than a hot fire on a chilly evening.

We saw my family on Labor Day weekend and Faithful Reader’s family a couple of weeks later. Our son wasn’t nearly as well behaved as he usually is, and his crankiness presented us with some challenges, but it’s good to know that we can handle it. Otherwise, we’d never want to leave the house with him.

We went to the local apple farm last Saturday. We bought apple cider, peaches, jam, Indian corn, and donuts (i.e., all the sorts of things one must buy on a beautiful autumn day in New England). We also bought some fresh boiled peanuts because we’d never tried them before. The boiling liquid was made with beer, root beer, cajun spices, and ham hocks, among other things. The peanuts, after being boiled in the stuff, looked like poo. Wet slimy poo. We weren’t sure how to eat them at first, or even if we wanted to, but finally we decided they should be eaten just like unboiled peanuts. So we tried them and they were strangely good, spicy, with a texture more like a vegetable than a nut. They sure were messy eating, though!

September is a three-birthday month in my family. There’s my aunt, my sister-in-law, and of course, me! Happy Birthday to all of us. I’m grateful to be another year older. Thanks to everyone for the great presents, especially my Faithful Reader who surprised me with gifts from my favorite “store.”

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