Dear Livia,

Wah, Wah, Waaah, Waaaaah, WAH, WAAAH, WAAAAAAAAH!

How do you like it?

Just kidding, Sweetie.

Yesterday, you wouldn’t stop crying. I tried everything—diaper changes, burping, propping, tummy time, rocking, singing—you name it. As the day wore on, you got worse and worse until you reached the level we call “nuclear.” I don’t know if it was colic or “baby just needing to cry.” Or maybe you had reached your tolerance for being “stretched.”

You see, you want to eat all the time, but at your age, you should be waiting longer between bottles and eating more at each feeding. I simply can’t feed you every hour-and-a-half. If I do, I get nothing else done and you’re STILL unhappy between feedings. So I’ve been stretching the time between bottles. When I took you to your two-month check-up, I told the nurse practitioner what I’d been doing and she said it was the right thing.

Being stretched doesn’t mean you need to get all bent out of shape, Little One. I hope you adapt soon. I hate to hear you cry.



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