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Dear Livia, When it’s time to put you to bed, we bring you upstairs, change your diaper, put you in your sleep sack, turn down the lights, and feed you your last bottle of the day. The other night, you … Continue reading

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Tuned In

I always have a song stuck in my head. Always. It’s like having the radio on all the time. And my brain comes up with some obscure stuff for me to listen to. This morning it was playing an orchestral … Continue reading

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Little Sleep Thief and Other Stories

Dear Livia, Here are some more stories about you. It is impossible to sing you to sleep. When I start to sing, you perk up and smile. I guess you really like music. Or you think my attempts at singing … Continue reading

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Radio Waves

Dear Marshall, The clock radio in your room has nature sounds, including ocean waves and a babbling brook. Every night at your bedtime, we set it to play one of those sounds. Our theory is that the white noise helps … Continue reading

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Dear Marshall, You would think that a tired baby would just fall asleep, but that’s not how it works, at least not for you. You’ll rub your eyes and act like a crankypants, but you won’t spontaneously lie down and … Continue reading

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The Early Bird Gets the Joke

Sometimes I write blog posts in advance and schedule them to appear later in the week. When I do that, I always set the post time to 08:00. I chose that time because it had a “start of the day” … Continue reading

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Haste Makes Waste

There’s nothing like trying to put a baby to sleep at night to teach you the wisdom of “haste makes waste.” No matter how tired you are, no matter how badly you want to put the snoozing baby into his … Continue reading

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The Race Is Over

I did it! I finished the marathon on time. I read the last sentence of Timequake on April 11th at 11:55 (with 5 minutes to spare!). I’ll tell you about Hocus Pocus and Timequake later, after I’ve gotten some much-needed … Continue reading

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