The Early Bird Gets the Joke

Sometimes I write blog posts in advance and schedule them to appear later in the week. When I do that, I always set the post time to 08:00. I chose that time because it had a “start of the day” feel to it and it was a comfortable, even number. It was also a time at which I was unlikely to be awake and blogging. The theory was that in the future, if I cared to look back at my posts, I’d be able to tell which ones were scheduled and which ones weren’t.

Of course, that was before Marshall. Now I get up when he wakes me up, and it seems to happen earlier every day. Today, he woke me up between 6:00 and 6:30, which is why I’m here blogging before 8:00 a.m. So now you know, in spite of the early post time, this was not a scheduled post.

Sure, it’s funny, even ironic, that this infamous bed-hugger has come to a place where she must rise early because of her child. Ha-ha. I got the joke. Now can I please sleep just a little later in the morning? Please? 😛

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