Musical Goals: Part III

Goals require one to be realistic. I have been thinking about my musical goals now for several days, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion. Not only is my time limited, but my hands are already strained by the amount of typing I do every day. First, I should try to reduce the strain. Second, the piano requires a lot of finger movement, so I probably shouldn’t add any other instruments that do the same. This eliminates all but the dulcimer, which is played with hammers.

New tasks:

  • Make my work station more ergonomic.
  • Work on posture. Make sure hands always in a good position when typing.
  • Install voice-recognition software on laptop.
  • Find dulcimer stand and fix it or replace it, then display dulcimer on stand.
  • Restring dulcimer.

As for the other instruments, I will keep them all plus any relevant music books for now. As long as we have young kids in the family, there’s a chance the instruments may be needed. Meanwhile, I may play them if I feel like it, but I accept that I’m never going to play them as well as I would like to. I will not deliberately devote any time to them, nor will I buy any more books on how to play them.

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