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What Rhymes With Gratitude?

I am grateful for rhyming dictionaries. I used to think that rhyming dictionaries were for losers. I mean, who doesn’t know how to rhyme? Then I realized how much time I spend making lists of rhyming words. It happens both … Continue reading

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Foxy Dancer

A poor fox simply could not fox trot No matter how hard he was taught. Whether quick steps or long, Every time he’d step wrong, But he gave it his very best shot.

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Just Belt It Out!

I know, I know. I haven’t posted a clothing limerick in a long time. I got stuck on one and with it sitting in my head half-formed, there hasn’t been enough brain-space for working with new ideas. I need to … Continue reading

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Background Noise

Keys go clickety-clack, clickety-clack While the clock tick-tocks. My head is a surely big whirlygig Spinning with the beat. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack. Tick-tock. Whee!

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Busy, Busy Bees

Everywhere I looked for bees, Under trees, Behind my knees. I only found a tiny few. How they flew! But none I knew. Where be my busy honeybees?

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Baad, Baad, Black Sheep

Have you herd of the sheep who was baad to the bone? He went on a rampage, then used his cell phone To call his sweet mate. “Hello, Dolly!” he said, “I love ewe but from now on consider me … Continue reading

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Have you heard of the woman inspired To make rhymes even though she was tired? But the words wouldn’t fit, So she threatened to quit, And her muse said, “You can’t quit. You’re fired!”

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What’s Bugging Her?

Absorbed by books, she never looked up, Nor saw the bug fall in her cup. She drank it down and then felt sick. My gosh, I hope it wasn’t a tick! It made her writhe; it made her squirm. Do … Continue reading

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My New Project

I’ve been looking over the limericks that I’ve posted so far. I can see where some of them falter, particularly in the meter department, but they’re cute and with a little editing, I can see them being published in a … Continue reading

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Give This Cat a Hat!

It was winter and kitty’s thick fur Was all sheared off because of a bur. Said her owner, “My cat Looks so pretty like that!” But the cat’s only comment was “Brr!”

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