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Write Down the Stories of Your Life

I was saddened to hear that Amy Krouse Rosenthal died today. I really enjoyed her Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. It not only inspired me enough to write a positive review, but also enough to write a second post about … Continue reading

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A Modest Goal

It’s impossible to have a full-time job and be a full-time mom, let alone have any time left for oneself, and I’ve been feeling that very keenly lately. I’ve had to let a lot of things slide, and feeling bad … Continue reading

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How Peeps Came Home

Did you ever wonder what became of Peeps, poor cat who was lost in the woods? I did. I knew she had come home, but I did not know how she managed to escape the clutches of Old King Fisher. … Continue reading

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Bogga the Bug

Bogga the Bug is a fictional character who came into being when the kids and I were working on a book-writing project. We needed a theme for our books, something the kids would find interesting. I suggested we all write … Continue reading

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Story Time

I was working on a Shutterfly album the other evening when Livia came over and said she wanted to tell me a story. She asked me to type it into the computer, so I opened up a new blog post … Continue reading

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Remembering High-School English Class

Trying to write a synopsis of a book always reminds me of Mr. H, my least favorite high-school English teacher. Mr. H was energetic. He tried to engage the class. For example, when we were reading Beowulf, he used one … Continue reading

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Writing for Money

A few months ago we received a notice from the IRS. They had decided to continue charging us interest and penalties over that little misunderstanding we had back in 2008. We still thought that we were right, and it was … Continue reading

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Who Do I Write Like?

I found a link to a website that claims to analyze text and tell you which author you write like. Usually I’m really paranoid and don’t do that kind of thing. But I was bored, so I tried it. I … Continue reading

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Me Too!

A quote from Raymond Chandler: When I split an infinitive, God damn it, I split it so it will remain split.

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New Contest

My new raison d’etre: Cheerios New Author Contest The deadline is July 31. There are two runner-up prizes of $1,000 each. The grand prize is $5,000 plus the possibility of publication. Entry is free! They allow multiple submissions, so I … Continue reading

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