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Three Books on Poetry

In my quest to better understand poetry, I read three books on the subject. The first book was Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled. I’ll tell you the bad news first: the book suffers from what seems to be an … Continue reading

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It’s a Promise

My mood took a terrible tumble at some point during the summer. It affected everything, even my ability to think coherently and to craft intelligible sentences. Consequently I wrote very little and posted almost nothing here on my blog. I … Continue reading

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Part of the reason I went to the office this week was to attend an editorial meeting. Accuracy is one of the things that we discussed in the meeting. Of course we know that we’re supposed to get our facts … Continue reading

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You Should Be Writing!

David Sedaris, on writing: I had to have a root canal recently. And it took place over three continents. I was on a plane going from one continent to another, going from Australia to Japan and then going to the … Continue reading

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Surface Thoughts

I’m supposed to sit myself down every morning and write about whatever is on my mind, be it family or work or politics. The purpose of the writing is to clear out the surface thoughts and prepare the mind to … Continue reading

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My Life This Week

1. My dishwasher has been out of commission for several days. The stack of unwashed dishes keeps growing, and I’m going a little crazy. It’s not that we can’t hand-wash our dishes (obviously I’ve had to wash some of them), … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Finish My Novel (Even Though I Hate Writing)

1. Fame: Fame is a big reason why some people want to write a novel. Not me. I think fame sounds unpleasant. However, I wouldn’t mind being just successful enough to have a chance at meeting some authors who are … Continue reading

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Sacred Pens and Holy Notebooks

Speaking of “sacred pens” and “holy notebooks” . . . If you’re going to write a lot, you need a good pen. Some of my journal entries from 2017 have faded badly, perhaps because they were exposed, if only briefly, … Continue reading

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The Four “R’s” of Writing

Sometimes when I’m free-writing in my journals, I start to see relationships between words that I never noticed before. One day I found that you can put the homophones right/write/rite/write together to make a little piece of advice: It’s right … Continue reading

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A Question

What do you do with a journal once you’ve filled all the pages? People have different ideas about this. Some say that you curate it. Others say that you shred the whole thing. Some people keep their journals forever. If … Continue reading

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