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Silver Lining

Today there is an evil red light on the septic pump monitor, an indicator that there’s something wrong with the pump. So we have to strictly limit the amount of water going down the drain, lest the septic tank contents … Continue reading

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Finally Done

Post written in March: Inheritors of the Earth by Chris D. Thomas I finally finished reading Inheritors of the Earth. I chose to read this book because I needed some bright side. Without going back to verify that my feelings … Continue reading

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One of My Many Collections

I recently hit the Latin trifecta by using three Latin terms in one day: “ad nauseam,” “redux,” and “deus ex machina.” I wonder how many other Latin words I’ve got stored away in my noggin. I think there must be … Continue reading

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Sorry, Not Rich

I would like to see Hamilton. And when I say that, I mean I’d like to have a seat in the theater where I could actually see the stage well, but $800+ for two tickets? Come on.

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Pronunciation Fail

Earlier this year I looked up the pronunciation of the word Taoiseach (the leader of Ireland). My best guess was “Tay-sik.” I was way off base. It’s “Tee-shuk” (and really less of a hard “k” sound and more of a … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Woes

I just renewed my family’s health insurance. It put me in a very bad mood. In the last two years we’ve gone from 100% coverage to only 80%, plus a higher deductible. We shouldn’t have to roll the dice like … Continue reading

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The Exceptional Flamingo

Marshall did not eat his lunch one day last week. When I asked why, he said, “Because you gave me Livia’s lunch container.” The food was exactly the same. He just refused to eat it because the container was pink. … Continue reading

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What I read is what I feel. Sometimes that’s good, other times not. Just reading about poisonous mushrooms today made me feel as if I were about to become sick and die from liver failure. Similarly, reading the news made … Continue reading

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Writing More

There were over 150 comments in my spam filter today. I did not read them before deleting them. I have finally convinced myself that it’s pointless, so I don’t waste my time that way anymore. Hooray for me. But part … Continue reading

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I got out of bed this morning, and I fed the children their breakfast, and I packed up their lunches. That was 100 times more than I felt like doing, so I’m going to declare this morning a great victory. … Continue reading

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