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Three Things About Me

I hate cold so much that after brushing my teeth I rinse with warm water instead of cold. I seem to have inherited the strange belief that problems can be immediately and completely fixed by buying things. So I often … Continue reading

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Almost Ready for School

After several online shopping sessions plus a marathon hottest-day-ever shopping trip yesterday in a car with no air conditioning (ugh!), I am mostly done with back-to-school shopping. Today I purchased some KN95 masks. I wish I had thought to order … Continue reading

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Of All the Luck

We bought a Powerball or Megabucks or something like that while we were on vacation, and we still haven’t checked yet to see if we won. To go by past experience, there’s a strong possibility that my husband will bring … Continue reading

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Hurricane Update

Hurricane Henri was downgraded to a tropical storm before making landfall near Westerly, RI, just after noon. Here, we had some heavy rain this morning, now reduced to a drizzle. Our driveway is strewn with leaves and twigs, and the … Continue reading

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Reading Report: Late August 2021

I finished four books since my last reading report. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, Grade: A+: Laura “Lo” Blacklock is a travel writer who goes on a luxury cruise so that she can write a piece about … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Thoughts

I wouldn’t have thought that there was anything that could make me love jewelweed more, but then there it was–a hummingbird feeding on the bright flowers. My husband doesn’t see the beauty in the jewelweed, just its wild untidiness, which … Continue reading

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Don’t Wanna

Today I feel like doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is a hurricane barreling toward us, though, and at the least I should charge my cellphone, because our power will almost certainly fail during the storm. The only question is how … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Normal. We barely knew you.

Once my husband and I were vaccinated, we started bringing the kids out occasionally. It seemed safe enough. Coronavirus numbers were low, and children were not considered to be at high risk. Being out in the world had started to … Continue reading

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Random 8/4/2021

Today is a Wednesday, for which I am grateful, because Wednesdays aren’t screen-free days. That means I can watch as much bad television as I please tonight. I worked hard today because my work project must be finished by 5:45 … Continue reading

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Our Vacation

We brought some of our family games with us. My father even played a few rounds of Stinker and Five Crowns with us, which was awesome, because normally he’s not a big one for games, particularly not in the evening … Continue reading

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